Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Panama City

February 1st and 2nd

It´s Carnival time in Panama and I had the luck of travelling to Panama City just as it started. That luck ended up kind of badly, I really wasn´t there to celebrate and dance in the streets, I just had to visit the dentist and wasn´t really prepared to explore the festivities solo. Do I have photos of the parades or costumes or crazy vendors? No, but I can share 2 photos that compare interesting views of the city: The Old and The New.

Sorry the experience wasn´t more interesting. Likely this post would be more meaningful if I
also put in a note that ¨Yes¨ the SuperBowl was the following Sunday but ¨No¨the Patriots did not win. Okay, next year I won´t be chicken and I´ll check out a Carnival... Extra note, travelling by bus anywhere in Panama will be dicey during this week of fiestas- especially in and out of Panama City and Santiago. Expect super long lines in the bus terminals; the line was so long that I considered the $80 cost to simply fly back to David from Panama; it would have been a 3 hour wait in line, plus the 8 hour trip by bus, plus the inconvenience of arriving at a ridiculous hour in the morning - hmmm, that could be worth $80...

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